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Hello to all the fabulous working artists-instructors of LJCDS VAPA!


As we head into the final week of this academic year, I feel relief, sadness, joy, and a myriad of emotions.  This year alone, we were able to experience instrumental and strings performances by the lower, middle and upper school students; the Addams Family, Shakespeare abridged, the Inspector, and of course Mattress demonstrate your abilities to cross-collaborate and allow the students to succeed and shine.  Caroline put on top notch performances from winter concerts, open houses, half-time shows, to Jr. Pop Rocks, and the Pacific Ridge Independent and Charter School Choral Performances that once again proved what we already knew—we have the strongest vocal program in the County if not beyond!


The soft-spoken, but ever so creative visual arts program is building momentum and showing us light during these crazy times, leading the way for virtual expression and access to art.


CDAA appreciates all you do for the students and who you are.  Bringing passion and enthusiasm to the Arts at LJCDS and giving space and validation to our kids to be their best self.  Here is a “thank you” card in hopes to bring you the warm-fuzzies as much as you bring to us with each and every performance.  Please link here CDAA thanks VAPA.


Have a well-deserved summer, and see you next year!


Country Day Arts Alliance Leaders,


Lisa Kanetake

Reiko Afshar

Diane Berol

Krissy Caldwell

Sandra Coufal

Nadine Ditsworth

Rachel Herman

Sheenoo Sharma

Country Day 

Arts Alliance 



To bridge artists with community, K through 12, parents and faculty and sense of self with surroundings.  We strive to provide access and support to VAPA programs aiming for the arts to be an enduring place in students’ lives. 


  • Under the Parents Association umbrella; liaise with Administration

  • CAPP: Community Art Parent Partnership

  • Diversity & Inclusion: Black Consciousness & Culture February 2020

  • Provide gap dinners/receptions for students

  • Collaborate with instructors

  • Build community amongst LJCDS families

EVENT Collaboration

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