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Take a peek at some of the various dance collaborations taking place virtually, due to COVID-19.


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Dance of the Torreys




  • Nicole Rover

  • Stella Zhang

  • Victoria Hu

  • Tom Trocano

  • Ken Lew

  • Todd Lineback

  • Debrah Fine

  • Josie Rooney

  • Eric He

  • David Jenkins

  • Wendy Yang

  • Joanne Bradley

  • Amy Parish 

  • Victoria Hu

  • Tiffany Norwood

  • Diana Valji

  • Wendi Lu

  • Dave Schall

US seniors and faculty come together to create a recorded exquisite corpse interconnected dance performance. (6min)

  • Jeff Hutzler

  • Stella Zhang

  • Eva Power

  • Emiliano Padilla

  • Beth Cross

  • Anni Milleret

  • Scott Sanders

  • Nicholas Doupsas

  • Jonathan Shulman

  • Nikita Nair

  • Daniel Norland (with Elliet & Cam)

  • Nathaniel West

  • Robert Wagner

  • Jaquelin Fematt Dutson

  • Liesl Hansen

  • Chad Przymus

  • Liz Stringer​

Special Thanks to:

Lissa Corona


Video Editing

warming up on ZOOM!



On Thursday, December 20 at 4pm, 5pm, and 6pm the

2nd ANNUAL DIGITAL MOVEMENT was held in the Dance Studio. The students worked hard over several months to integrate choreography, graphic design, and lighting elements into cohesive artistic proposals of multimedia art. The performances were open to all and tickets are not required; each show runs about 35 minutes. 

This was an interactive installation.

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