Wallpaper design project

Students in US Graphic Design were asked to create a wallpaper using symbols that represented different aspects of their identities. Each design incorporates a variety of visual symbols that were created by drawing, painting, collaging, and photographing. 

Use these designs as your own computer wallpaper or virtual zoom background!

The Design Process

In the first phase of the design process, students explored their identities by responding to a variety of prompts. 

The ideas collected in this phase helped the designers develop symbols to represent their identities. Here you can see some of the students' writing and drawings in response to the prompts.

Before working on designs in Photoshop, the students sketched their initial ideas. This allowed them to visualize ideas, consider patterns, and explore repetition before committing to a design.

Throughout the design process, a designer must keep an open mind and adapt as some ideas won't end up working. Can you see which designs were used in the final wallpapers and which ones were changed?